Car Not Running Well And Think It Is The Transmission? 2 Types Of Transmission Problems That May Be Wrong

Posted on: 11 February 2020

If your car is not running well, this could be due to your transmission. To help you know if this is what is wrong with your car, below are two types of transmission problems that may be wrong so you can get your car repaired. Problems with Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid is very important to keep your transmission running well. Because of this, you should check the fluid levels each time you change your oil.
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Proper Maintenance For Your Tires

Posted on: 31 October 2019

The tires on your car or truck act as a foundation for your vehicle. It is the tires that make direct contact with the road, determining how well your vehicle handles during each drive. Drivers often overlook the importance of routine tire maintenance. A tire that is worn or damaged can pose a serious safety risk. Take the time to maintain your tires properly so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and safety while on the road each day.
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