Proper Maintenance For Your Tires

Posted on: 31 October 2019


The tires on your car or truck act as a foundation for your vehicle. It is the tires that make direct contact with the road, determining how well your vehicle handles during each drive. Drivers often overlook the importance of routine tire maintenance. A tire that is worn or damaged can pose a serious safety risk. Take the time to maintain your tires properly so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and safety while on the road each day.

Conduct Regular Visual Inspections

A visual inspection is one of the most effective tools that you can use to maintain your tires. Set aside time each week to visually inspect the condition of each tire. Check the tread for any signs of penetration from a screw, nail, or other sharp objects.

Look at the wear pattern on the treads. A tire that is properly balanced should wear evenly across the entire width of the tread. More wear on the inner or outer edge can signal a problem with the alignment of your vehicle.

You should also check for any bubbling or cracking on the sidewall of each tire. A visual inspection lets you monitor the condition of your tires and note any changes that occur between inspections. You can use the information collected during a visual inspection to determine when your tires need professional help.

Invest in Regular Tire Rotations

You should take the time to have your vehicle's tires rotated regularly to help better maintain the quality and performance of the tires over time. Vehicles that are front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive can produce an uneven wear pattern.

More power will be sent to either the front or rear wheels (depending on the configuration of the drivetrain). This added power promotes faster wear, so the back and front tires should be switched regularly to prevent one set of tires from wearing out before the other.

Regular tire rotations will also ensure that all four tires wear evenly, which can improve traction and prevent possible alignment issues from arising in the future.

Tires are an important part of your driving experience. Maintain your tires meticulously to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and intact at all times. Regular visual inspections and routine tire rotations are two simple ways that you can better care for the tires on your vehicle. These easy tasks can save you a lot of time and money on damaged tires in the future.

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