Car Not Running Well And Think It Is The Transmission? 2 Types Of Transmission Problems That May Be Wrong

Posted on: 11 February 2020


If your car is not running well, this could be due to your transmission. To help you know if this is what is wrong with your car, below are two types of transmission problems that may be wrong so you can get your car repaired.

Problems with Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is very important to keep your transmission running well. Because of this, you should check the fluid levels each time you change your oil. This will help you remember to do this. If the fluid is low, this could be due to a leak in your car's transmission. 

One place the leak could be coming from is the gasket seals that are inside the transmission. If this is the problem, you need to take your car to a mechanic that can do transmission repair to replace the gasket seals for you. 

Transmission fluid can also become contaminated, which will cause your car to have problems. This happens from the coolant from your car's radiator. You will often hear this referred to as cross contamination. If this is the case, the mechanic will have to flush out the fluid and then refill with new transmission fluid. The mechanic will also have to determine how the cross contamination happened so they can repair this problem also. 

You will notice that your gears slip easily or shifting is much slower if you do have problems with the transmission fluid. 

Problems with the Solenoid

There is a solenoid that is inside the transmission. This part is important as this is what controls the amount of fluid that flows through the transmission. If there is a problem with the solenoid, fluid will not be controlled well enough to be in the transmission. 

The solenoid can become damaged if the transmission fluid in your car is very low for a long time. This can also be caused by the actual solenoid going out on its own, which can happen if your car is older. If there are no kind of leaks in the transmission or if there is enough transmission fluid in your car, the solenoid is likely the problem the mechanic will check. 

If the solenoid needs to be replaced, you will notice that your transmission slips while you are driving it. 

Take your car to a mechanic that is experienced working with transmission. There are also transmission services that you can take your car to have the transmission repaired.