Examples Of Truck Problems That Need Repairing

Posted on: 15 March 2020


There are many ways your truck can let you know that there is something wrong with it. One of the ways your truck can warn you of trouble is by making sounds. Learn about just some of the sounds that you are going to want to be aware of and what they might mean.

A sound similar to that of metal in the dryer

If your car is making a sound similar to one you have heard coming from your clothing dryer when a metal zipper clinks around in it or if you left change in your pants pocket only to find it clanking around, then this might be the sound of a lug nut that's loose. You'll need to have it tightened immediately. Not having it tightened can cause the lug bolt to break and this can lead to the others breaking and the tire falling off while you are driving.

A squeak when you step on the gas pedal

If you hear a squeak that has a rhythm to it when you go to step on the gas pedal, then this can mean there is a problem with the universal joint, also referred to by mechanics and others who know about vehicles as the "U-joint." U-joints are part of your truck's driveshaft. Having a problem with a U-joint is definitely something that you want to have checked out by a mechanic and taken care of before you continue to drive the truck, so you don't make things a lot worse.

A repetitive tapping sound underneath the hood

If you are hearing a repetitive tapping sound that sounds as if it is coming from underneath the hood of your truck, then this can be a serious issue with the valves that connect to rods or pistons. This is an issue that you want to have looked into by a mechanic right away.

Squeaks or grinding sounds coming from the wheel area

If you hear squeaks or what sounds like metal grinding on metal, then this likely means that your brake pads need to be replaced. The squeaking sound starts first and is your vehicle's way of warning you the brake pads are low. If the squeak is ignored, then the grinding will happen and that means the pads are worn down so low that there now is metal grinding on metal. At this point, driving the truck more is dangerous and can lead to rotor damage.


It's always best for you to make sure you have your truck equipment and parts looked at by a mechanic at the first signs of trouble. This can help prevent worse problems with your truck and prevent other serious problems, including roadside breakdowns and even accidents.